How Great Clips Became a Hair Salon Giant

A profile of the co-founder and CEO of the largest hair salon chain in North America

If you are looking for a haircut that is affordable, convenient, and consistent, you might have visited a Great Clips salon at some point. Great Clips is the largest hair salon chain in North America, with over 4,000 locations and 35,000 stylists. But how did this company become a hair salon giant?

The answer lies in the vision and leadership of its co-founder and CEO, Rhoda Olsen. In this article from Forbes, you will learn about the origins and growth of Great Clips, from its humble beginnings in 1982 to its current status as a leader in the industry. You will also discover some of the challenges and opportunities that Great Clips faces in the competitive and changing market.

Rhoda Olsen started Great Clips with her husband Ray Barton and his brother David Barton. They wanted to create a simple and efficient business model that focused on providing quality haircuts at a low price and without appointments. They also wanted to empower their franchisees and stylists by giving them autonomy and support.

Over the years, Great Clips expanded its presence across the US and Canada, thanks to its innovative technology, customer loyalty, and franchise support. Some of the key milestones include launching online check-in in 2011, reaching 1 billion customers in 2016, and celebrating its 35th anniversary in 2017.

However, Great Clips also faced some challenges along the way, such as the rise of competitors like Sport Clips and Supercuts, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the salon industry, and the need to adapt to changing customer preferences and expectations.

Despite these challenges, Rhoda Olsen remains optimistic and confident about the future of Great Clips. She believes that the company has a strong culture and values that will help it overcome any obstacles. She also has a clear vision for the company’s growth and innovation, such as expanding into new markets, enhancing its digital capabilities, and offering new services and products.

If you want to learn more about how Great Clips became a hair salon giant, you can read the full article on [Forbes] . You will find out more about Rhoda Olsen’s personal story, her leadership style, her advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, and her plans for retirement. You will also get a glimpse into the daily operations and challenges of running a successful hair salon franchise.